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Poker Strategy Guide for Beginners

Do you like poker? Do you ever wish there was a poker strategy guide for beginners out there that is sure to solidify your skills and maximize your winnings? Poker is an amazing game which is very easy to learn but very hard to get good at. If you learn how to play it just right, you are on your way to earn some real money. It is an absolute crowd pleaser in online casinos due to its simplicity. So, if you know what you’re doing and play according to your dealt hand every round, you may just earn some solid “dough”. If you are a beginner and you are looking for a comprehensive poker strategy guide, we think we might be able to help you. Below is a poker strategy guide that will help your skills skyrocket.

  1. Start betting a lot

Like any gambling game, in order to win a lot of money, you have to bet a lot of money. The most common mistake beginners make is approach the game with too much caution. Whether you’re confident that you have a strong hand, or you think you can bluff your opponents out of their previous bets, absolutely go for it. If you lose this round, you’ll win the next one.

  1. Remain calm and rational

Any experienced poker player will tell you – once the going gets tough and you start losing, you start to make irrational decisions. So, remember to relax, breathe and think twice before you go all in on a mediocre hand after you’ve just lost a lot of money.

  1. Change your course of action accordingly

Sometimes you might be dealt a very weak hand. Don’t freak out and fold immediately. Just wait for the flop and determine your next move based on the cards laid out before you. What beginners don’t realize is that the 3-4 hand might just turn into a 3-4-5-6-7 straight. And if the flop doesn’t show a very promising future, then you can fold.

  1. Pay attention to your opponents

A tremendously neglected part of poker among beginners is the psychology of their opponents. There’s an old saying in poker “play the man, not the odds”. What this means is, even if you’re dealt a bad hand, a lot of rounds are actually won by bluffing and psychologically outmaneuvering your opponents. Pay attention to your opponents – their reactions during the flop, turn and river. Try to guess the strength of their hand by reading their facial expressions and look them dead in the eye. You’d be surprised by how much you can evaluate the situation just by paying close attention to your opponents.


It seems a new poker room pops up on the internet each month.  Many of them are good, however many of them are simply front ends that take you to a poker room that has few players and a waste of time. This poker site is dedicated to finding the best poker room for you! The Hog has chosen these for poker games offered, number of players at the tables, new player sign up bonuses and overall customer satisfaction!  The Hog recommends each poker room below for your poker enjoyment. Many poker games are offered including Texas Hold Em, Omaha, Chinese Poker, Five Card Stud, Power Poker, And Many More!


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Online Poker


$600 Fantastic Offer!! PDC Poker

New Player Bonus: 100% bonus on deposits up to $600! $125K Freeroll every Saturday. Sit and Go Tournaments for as low as $1+$0.10. $125K Guaranteed Freeroll Tournament every Sunday!


Hand Strength Rankings

The general rule of poker is that the person with the strongest combination of dealt and community cards wins the money in the pot. So, without further ado, here are the strengths of poker hands ranked in descending order.

  1. Royal Flush – A K Q J 10 all in the same suit
  2. Straight Flush – a sequence of five cards in the same suit
  3. Four of a Kind – the same card in all four suits
  4. Full House – A pair and three of a kind cards
  5. Flush – five non-sequential cards of the same suit
  6. Straight – A sequence of five cards in random suits
  7. Three of a Kind – Three of one card and two unrelated cards
  8. Two Pair – Two pairs of two distinct ranks
  9. One Pair – Only one pair of the same rank
  10. High Card – No pairings, winner wins by highest card


Bodog Poker


$1000 Free!! Bodog Poker

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Online Poker

$5000 Free!! Carbon Poker

New Player Bonus: 200% bonus on deposits up to $5000! Poker Maximus Freeroll Giveaway. Sunday Big Ticket – $150,000 Freeroll Guaranteed. $100,000 Race for Riches.Online Poker Room Games:  Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Hi-Lo, Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud, H.O.R.S.E., Razz, Deuce to 7 Low Ball, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, 5 Card Draw, Badugi, Triple draw


Poker Stars

$600 Free!! Poker Stars

New Player Bonus:  Get $20 of free play or 100% bonus up to $600 and entry to four $1,000 freerolls per day for 31 days. 20% reload bonus up to $100. Earn loyalty points towards VIP Club rewards.Online Poker Room Games Offered:  Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo, Courchevel, Courchevel Hi/Lo, Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, Razz, Five Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, HORSE, 8-Game Mix, Hold’em/Omaha, Triple Stud, Badugi


Tips on How to Improve

If you’ve moved past the beginner strategy guide and you’re looking for ways to up your game and propel yourself into the world of serious poker players, here we have a list of tips on how to improve.

  1. Play a lot

Like any other skill, repetition is key. It’s pretty self-explanatory that the more poker you play the better you become at it. Our suggestion is that you play for real money in real or online casinos. But, if you want to avoid losing a lot of cash before you become good, you can always play online poker for free.

  1. Constructive self-criticism

After you’re done playing for the day, sit down and analyze your performance. Reflect on what you could’ve done better and in what areas you need improvement. Leave the ego out of the equation, stay humble and focus on eliminating your weaknesses.

  1. Revisit poker videos and poker strategy guides

If you’re on a mission to learn, you might want to read up on our poker strategy guide. Check up on that old poker video you watched that explained core poker concepts. Positive reassurance and a quick reminder on how to play right might just do wonders for your next poker session.



$600 Free!! Full Tilt Poker

New Player Bonus:  100% Deposit Bonus up to $600. $1 million in combined guarantees Tournaments Every Sunday. $1,000,000 Monthly Guarantee tournament. Daily Happy Hours Win Triple Full Tilt Points. Play and ChatPoker Games:  Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi Poker, Omaha Hi/Lo , Razz, Stud Hi, Stud Hi/Lo, Mixed Games, Horse


$500 Free!! Absolute Poker

New Player Bonus:  New Players receives 150% First Time Deposit BONUS up to $500. $230,000 tournaments every Wednesday!! + $400K Guaranteed Weekends prize pool money Tournaments!! $200k Guaranteed Sunday Tournament. 15% to 100% Reload Bonus Monthly!Poker Games: Texas Holdem, Omaha High, Omaha Hi Lo 8 or Better, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi Lo 8 or Better, RAZZ, Tournament, No-Limit Games, Pot-Limit Games, H.O.R.S.E,


$1,100 Free!! Ultimate Bet Poker

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Popularity of Poker in Online Casinos

Poker is undoubtedly the most popular game in online casinos which we would definitely recommend to both novice and experienced players. The good thing about them is that, if you actually deposit some money, they casinos offer a casino bonus. This casino bonus is a starting amount of cash that you can use to bet and earn some cash. If you’re not yet comfortable to grasp the casino bonus (make your first deposit), the cool thing about online video poker is that you can actually play for free. This cool little feature allows you to practice and improve before you actually start betting real money.

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